To those who attended our orientation last Wednesday night, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! :D
—UP PhotoS

Good job, residents! <3


To those who attended our orientation last Wednesday night, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! :D

—UP PhotoS

Good job, residents! <3

JASMS grade school get together <3

It’s crazy that it’s already been 10 years since we graduated from Grade 7!!



thegirl-younever-readbooksabout asked: Oh, you love cooking! Is it your dream? I noticed that after graduation, you pursue cooking :D I bet you will also love baking! :)))

Cooking has always been a hobby. I guess you can say that it was a dream to study cooking. Haha. I have a little experience baking as well back in grade school. I will give baking another go when I find free time :) 


Lamb Irish Stew x Pork Emincer with Button Mushroom x Braised Pork Roulade with Egg x Glazed Carrots x Hungarian Beef Goulash x Pepper Steak

Asian Institute of Culinary Arts

"That voice. That laugh. That chuckle. It’s all I ever wanted; but can never have."


Vegetable Lasagna x Ratatouille x Spinach Raviolli x Pasta Carbonara x Vongole  

@Asian Institute of Culinary Arts


Week 5 : Pasta 

@ Asian Institute of Culinary Arts

Anonymous asked: After admitting that I have a crush on you? Hm. Medyo embarrassing. Haha.

Ngek. That’s okay! :P

Anonymous asked: No, you aren't. :)

Uhm, thank you? Don’t go anon on me. We can be friends. I’m quite friendly. :D

Anonymous asked: Grabe. Alam mo ba, sobrang crush kita dati sa school kasi sobrang cute mo. Like, whenever I see you, I just want to give you a massive hug and cuddle up to you and I just know it would feel great. And, your smile. That cheeky smile! :"> Hanggang ngayon pa rin naman. Hindi na nga lang kita nakikita madalas. :)

Am I being pranked? Haha


Week 4: Starches 

Flat Bread x Pasta Dough x Tomato Concasse x Pesto x Mashed Potato

Mushroom Risotto x Rice Pilaf x Pomme Frites

@ Asian Institue Of Culinary Arts

5.16.14  |  UP ASUS x UP PHOTOS

I would like to say thank you to these significant people in my life for last night. Although, some very important people were not there </3 Awesome! Awesome!



I do not have a thesis or manuscript acknowledgment page to write my appreciation for important people who made my college life extra special since I opted for the straight course option in college. So, i figured I will give a proper thank you to these special people here in my blog.

To Anabel and Rogelio Laurente, for being super supportive and understanding of me even If I am hard to deal with everyday. My nosy sister, Jhobel, who has been very patient with me as well. I am happy that I was able to spend my last semester in the university with you as my roommate.

To the UPLB GABAY Volunteer Corps, ninong Abwehr, ate Peyt, ate Mei, ate Pia, ate Dor, Simon, kuya Emman, Jepoy, Paolo, Leah, Vladz, Danica, ER, Dale, Josa, Mariel, Kidd, Justin, Claiie, Kim, Gem, Louise, Jessa, everyone else, for helping me overcome my fears. Thank you GABAY for teaching me to be compassionate to other people by helping (esp. our scholars and the 2009 - 2013 batches of freshman students ) without expecting anything in return.

To the UP Photographers’ Society, for making my college life extra awesome!!! To my ninang Steph, kuya Oink, kuya Vic and my org seniors for mentoring me in photography and in the organization. To the Executive Council 2010-2011 where I was given the the opportunity to serve as Membership Committee Head, thank you for all the organizational and life lessons that I was able to acquire. To my org inaanaks, Mikey and Mela, I am very lucky to have to you both as my inaanak. I am very proud that both of you were able to serve PhotoS well during your terms as a part of the Executive Council.

To my batchmates Divine, Ja, Andy, Francis, Ninja, Loj, Ton, Mikel, Kate, and the rest of PANORAMA for being my first org brothers and sisters. I am proud of how we were able to contribute to the success and even in the shortcomings of our organization. We had a good run, batchmates! We were able to give the Litratistas and UPLB a wider perspective in life through our photographs.  

To my forever love the UP Alliance of Students Unified for Sociology, you are perhaps the best thing that ever happened to me in college. As one of the eight founders, I was able to see the growth of our budding organization from the very beginning to what we are now. I am confident leaving the university knowing that UP ASUS is an organization that will consistently produce sociology majors who are academically excellent and socially responsible individuals  who will create a positive impact in our rapidly changing society through our field of discipline.

Durkheim, Marx & Weber - to these three awesome gentlemen, thank you for the the exceptional lessons you shared to me.     

To my teachers and mentors -  Ma’am Rowena Briones Social Change, Prof. Augustus Anonuevo  Sociology of Economic Life, Sociology of Religion, Sociological Theories, Sikolohiyang Pilipino, Dr. Gloria Luz Nelson Social Gerontology, Demography, Social Research Methods,  Ma’am Lea Marasigan Social Stratification, Gender Relations, Political Sociology, Ma’am Joyce Ocampo, Teny Mercado adviser, Social Psychology, Collective Behavior, Dr. Erick Dy, for imparting invaluable knowledge and for caring beyond academics.  

To my blocmates kumareng Diane, Shaina, Eunice and my Freshman Year barkada Roent, Vince, Ivan, etc. for keeping an important  friendship since 2008.

To Ernest, Diane, Vin, Sandy + Ayii, my travel buddies! Let’s keep exploring the Philippines and the world soon!

To my UP ASUS family Jenny, Chin, Kris, Bry, Marga, Tim, Janine, Cecille, Joie, Mikee, Ena, Pem, Mich, and everyone else, for the tambay, inuman, videoke night, random gala, iyakan, at tawanan.

To my UP ASUS bloodline, inaanaks Ninna, TJ and Gem. My apo’s Justin and Den for always being there for me through my ups and downs.

To my S3 family, Andrei, Donna, Glaiza, Xean, Erwin, Sarrah and Sef for being that fun, rowdy, supportive group of people that won’t let you do crazy things without them.

To my college barkada and co-founders Jed, Aya, Crisilyn, Eriz, Rome, Kit and Philip, my brothers and sisters not by blood but by choice.

To Mo, my life support system.

To the KupalComm ate Jen and kuya Migs, for being the best ate and kuya that I now have. 

And to Robert for teaching me that sometimes even awful things have their own kind of beauty.

Thank you everyone! 

Jethro Laurente | 2008 -10561